ENTECHMACH RPC LLC has its own production facilites located in the Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region, 10 kilometers from the Ring Road. There are three modern work shops on its territory, and it is also planned to expand the production capacities.


ENTECHMACH RPC LLC is successful in solving the variety of production problems using the following highly-precise machining equipment:

  • Screw-Cutting machine tools (including CNC and DRU machines) for the bodies of revolution processing with a diameter up to 2 m and a length up to 5 m;
  • Turning-and-Boring machine tools (including CNC machines) with a chuck size of 2.5 m (cutting diameter is up to 3 m);
  • Boring Machines (including CNC machines), table size is up to 2x2 m;
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machines (L=2 m);
  • Surface Grinding Machines (L=1 m);
  • Rolling Mills for Production of Finned Tubes, L=300-12,000 mm, finning diameter is from 38 to 70 mm, pitch is 2.3, 2.5, 3.5, 4.0 mm;
  • Gear-Cutting Equipment of 4-5 accuracy rating;
  • Equipment for all the types of heat processing, including nitriding, carbonization (case-hardening), HFC;
  • Machines for the manufacture of antennal labyrinth glands.


  • Revamping of turbo-compressor units for the purpose of changing the operating parameters energy saving and service life extension;
  • Manufacture and repair of the steam turbine rotors with the replacement of rotor blades, discs, shafts and their balancing;
  • Manufacture and repair of centrifugal compressors and blowers rotors with the replacement of impellers and their balancing;
  • Manufacture of heat exchangers using bimetallic tubes instead of Russian or foreign once, identical in heat exchange and hydraulic resistance;
  • Manufacture of steam turbine condensers, water-cooled and air-cooled;
  • Manufacture of minor components of control systems and automatic devices for turbo-compressor units;
  • Manufacture of the steam turbines diaphragms;
  • Manufacture of seal cases or labyrinth sealings “antennary”;
  • Manufacture of brasses and working pads of bearings;
  • Manufacture of gear sets, clutches and the whole of increasing gear or gearboxes;
  • Manufacture of various types of optional equipment, special fasteners, press-molds, aluminum and bronze castings, springs of all kinds, etc.;
  • Manufacture of metal structures of different complexity.

ENTECHMACH RPC LLC put into operation a new machinery of high accuracy and performance in 2009-2011.

CNC Portal Machining Center Portamill PBZ Heavy in 2035

or mechanical processing of large parts with curved surfaces, such as impeller disks, diffusers and bladed diaphragms, heat exchanger tube plates.


  • Load on table is 10 tonnes;
  • Positioning accuracy is 0.035/1000;
  • Traverse along the X axis-3500, Y axis-2000, Z axis-1000.

CNC Multi-functional Machine Tool Proton XXL 1600.50

for the manufacture of shafts, disks, hoops with curved



  • Center-to-center distance - 5000 mm;
  • Maximum diameter of a workpiece - 1600 mm;
  • Positioning accuracy along the X axis – 0.03, Z axis - 0,08.

CNC Lathe Machine Tool Pinacho Smart-Turn 225

allows the process the parts of different complexity


  • Center-to-center distance - 1000 mm;
  • Maximum diameter of a workpiece - 450 mm.


CNC Multi-functional Machine Tool SUA 150 NUMERIC / 3000 mm

for the manufacture of shafts, rotors, hubs of different types,

disc, compressors wheels, etc;

  • Center-to-center distance – 3 000 мм;
  • Diameter of a workpiece – 1 500/1 000 мм;
  • Maximum weight of a workpiece without a back-rest – 6 000 kg, with a back-rest – 8 000 kg.


CNC Turning-and-Boring Machining Center Verturn-3000

for mechanical processing of large parts.

  • Chuck diameter - 2500 mm;
  • Maximum diameter of a workpiece - 3000 mm;
  • Maximum height of a workpiece - 1600 mm;
  • Maximum weight of the blank to be installed - 15 tons.

Horizontal Boring Machine with digital display, model ТРХ6111С/3 (TRH6111C/3)

  • Table size is 1250x1000 mm;
  • Maximum table load - 3000 kg;
  • The maximum spindle movement - 600 mm;
  • Table movements: longitudinally - 1400 mm, transversally - 1600 mm.

Multifunctional Radial Drilling Machine, model SR-60

for the hole drilling and thread cutting.

  • Maximum drilled diameter - 60 mm;
  • Maximum drilling depth - 300 mm;
  • Thread cutting up to M50;
  • Extension of spindle from the column: min - 350 mm, max - 1600 mm;
  • Vertical console traverse: min - 320 mm, max - 1200 mm.


Multifunctional Radial Drilling Machine, model SR-80

for the hole drilling and thread cutting.

  • Maximum drilled diameter - 100 mm;
  • Maximum drilling depth - 500 mm;
  • Thread cutting up to M80;
  • Extension of spindle from the column: min - 500 mm,  max - 2500 mm;
  • Vertical console traverse: min - 5500 mm, max - 2000 mm.


Multifunctional Machine Tool of heavy version DL B550/1500

  • Center-to-center distance - 1500 mm;
  • Maximum over bed processing diameter - 1100 mm;
  • Maximum over saddle processing diameter - 800 mm.

Multifunctional Machine Tool with digital display, model Topturn 2580

  • Center-to-center distance - 2000 mm;
  • Maximum over bed processing diameter - 630 mm;
  • Maximum over saddle processing diameter - 450mm.

CNC Vertical Machining Center X.mill 1680

  • Table 1700x820 mm;
  • The load on the table - 2200 kg;
  • Traverse along the axes: X - 1600mm, Y - 820 mm, Z - 700 mm;
  • Positioning accuracy ± 0,004 mm.

Balancing Machine, model ВМ8000 with the measuring unit «SAPPHIRE»

  • Maximum rotor mass - 8000 kg;
  • Minimum rotor mass -  80 kg;
  • Maximum rotor diameter - 2600 mm;
  • Maximum rotor diameter over drive - 2100 mm;
  • Maximum distance between supports - 5600 mm;
  • Minimum distance between supports - 380 mm;
  • Drive belt + cardan;
  • Rotor balancing speed: 300-1500 rpm;
  • Response - 0.1 g mm/kg.


Shaft-Type Resistance Furnace ЭПШМ 1800/700 (EPSHM 1800/700)

Dimensions: 1800x1800 mm, depth - 700 mm.


Chamber-Type Electric Furnace СНОЛ 120/12-141 (SNOL 120/12/141)

Overall dimensions of the working chamber: 400x500 mm, depth - 800 mm, 18 kW, t = 1250 °C.


Rolling Mills ХПРТ 12-28БМК (HPRT 12-28BMK) and ХПРТ 22-28Б (HPRT 22-28B for knurling of finned tubes

The main characteristics of bimetallic pipes:

  • Diameter ratio: D/d 70/38, 64/32 57/25 38/19;
  • Finning pitch: 2.3; 2.5; 3.5; 4.0;
  • Length: 300-15,000 mm;
  • Main tube material: St20, 12H18N10t, МНЖ (copper-nickel alloy), copper, yellow metal;
  • Finning material: AD1, copper;
  • Finning may have hatching.

ENTECHMACH RPC LLC.  has mastered the manufacture of finned tubes with the finning coefficient φ = 22.

Finned tubes are used for production of sections of air-cooler units for different industries, oil coolers, vacuum extractions, etc.

The company also has a number of developments, such as:

  • Upgraded bunch of air-cooler BOT-130 (VOT-130) of the K-1290 compressor;
  • Upgraded bunch of air-cooler BOT-229 (VOT-229) of the К-1290; К-1500; К-1700; ГТТ-3М (GTT-3M) compressors;
  • Upgraded bunch of air-cooler BOT-1160 (VOT-1160) of the К-3250 compressor.


Production capacities of ENTECHMACH RPC LLC. allow to produce heat exchangers and spare parts with a wide range of parameters. Also according to the customer’s specifications with the development of design documentation.

ENTECHMACH RPC LLC. has all the necessary permits for manufactured equipment, as well as the patent for the manufacture of sections of air-cooler units with heat exchanger tubes galvanized by thermal diffusion zinc coating.


  • Rectifier ESAB (Sweden) AristoMig 4000i MIG/MAG - 2 pcs. with feed mechanism Aristo Feed 4804 MA6;
  • Chopper power supply ESAB (Sweden) Origo Mig 5002 MIG/MAG - 1 pcs. with the feed mechanism Origo Feed 3004;
  • Inverter Rectifier (portable) ESAB (Sweden) with the possibility of AC welding Caddy Tig 2200i Tig, MMA (РАД, РД) - 1 pcs.;
  • Inverter power (portable) ESAB (Sweden) Caddy Arc 251i MMA, Tig - 1 pcs.

The company has qualified welding engineers certified by the National Association of NDT and Welding (NAKS) of I and III levels. All the works are carried out in compliance with the technical documentation requirements and safety regulations.

The company has NAKS Certificates concerning welding procedure (MIG, technical devices of metal equipment, as well as Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil Refining, Explosion and Fire Hazardous Production Equipment) in accordance with the requirements of Manual Arc Welding 03-615-03.

The company executes such a complicated work as the welding of impellers.